Rates Ford Privilege

Rates Ford Privilege

Ford Privilege

How you and your family can benefit from FordPrivilege

As a Ford employee, pensioner or beneficiary, you and your family can benefit from the company’s FordPrivilege scheme, which allows you to purchase Ford vehicles at a greatly reduced price.

So how does the scheme work? As an employee of Ford Motor Company Limited, or an associate company, you can buy up to 5 Ford vehicles within a 9-month period under the FordPrivilege scheme.

Item Option Privilege Ambassador
Paint Solid (non-white) Standard Standard
White & Metallic Free 50% off RRP
Pearlescent and Special Metallic RRP minus metallic paint RRP RRP minus 50% metallic paint RRP
Factory Fitted Options All 20% of RRP N/A
Model Derivative Privilege Ambassador
Ka All £0 £0
Studio & Style £0 £0
Fiesta All Others incl. ST (exc. Studio and Style) £1,250 £625
Studio £0 £0
B-Max All Others (Excl. Studio) £1000 £500
New EcoSport Zetec £0 £0
All others £500 £250
New Focus Studio and Style £1000 £500
All others incl. ST £1,700 £850
C-Max All £1,250 £625
Grand C-Max All £1,250 £625
New C-Max All £1,250 £625
New Grand C-Max All £1,250 £625
New Kuga Zetec £1,500 £750
All Others incl. Vignale £2,000 £1000
All New Mondeo Style & Titanium HEV £1000 £500
All Others incl. Vignale £1,750 £875
Edge Zetec and Vignale £0 £0
Titanium and Sport £1,250 £625
All New S-Max All £2,250 £1,125
All New Galaxy All £1,750 £625


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